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Crossed Anchors Brewing
Crossed Anchors Brewing1 day ago
Don't forget 'Little Drop of Poison' opens Thursday night in Exeter and of course they are selling Crossed Anchors brews!!
#supportlocal #craftbeer #indy #exeterrocks
Crossed Anchors Brewing
Crossed Anchors Brewing is in Exmouth, Devon.2 days ago
Exmouth, Devon

Our Seasonal offer continues, while stocks last.

❗️6 BOTTLES OF 750ml BEER FOR £30❗️

Available now in our Pub @grapevinebrewhouse in Exmouth and online: crossedanchors.co.uk

These make great individual Xmas gifts for Beer lovers, as they’re the same size as a bottle of wine! Ta da 🎉

Any questions, just ask.

Crossed Anchors- Real Beer Brewed & Bottled in Exmouth, Devon.
Crossed Anchors Brewing
Crossed Anchors Brewing is in Exmouth, Devon.1 week ago
Exmouth, Devon

What a ride it’s been so far and there’s still so much to see & do with Crossed Anchors!

Join us on our next journey- Together with the wonderful Bob Thornton, of The More Mead Company, we are hoping to secure a site in South Morten, Devon.

This will be the home of our highly anticipated joint venture- The More Meadery. Bringing jobs, work space, event space, eating space and family fun space to South Morten and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more then please watch our crowdfunding movie


⭐️Let us know your thoughts, questions, suggestions etc etc. Share below ⬇️
Crossed Anchors Brewing
Crossed Anchors Brewing is at The Grapevine Brewhouse.2 weeks ago
The Grapevine Brewhouse

ฬђєภ: THIS FRIDAY 26/11

Demi, Ollie & family invite you all to join them in celebration of 11 years serving the Exmouth community fabulous beer and food (amongst other things).

We’d love to make up for not being allowed to celebrate our 10th year (brrrr lockdown) So let’s make this year twice as good!!

Live music by Geekchic. Food served until 9pm, drinks served until we stop feeling thirsty… or until our permit forces us to close., whichever comes first. 😬🍻

We’ve answered the ฬђєภ ฬђєгє ฬђꌦ ฬђ๏., now you just decide what time you’re arriving!

Hope to see you all there,

Demi, Ollie & Team x
Crossed Anchors Brewing
This is the epic More Mead crowdfunding video for our Meadery project.Link to crowdfunding https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/themoremeadery2021www.themoremeadcom...