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Limited Editions

We love playing with recipes, plotting out new flavours and ingredients, designing another great beer. It keep us on our toes and our customers always love something new! Watch this space for our limited edition beers, who knows if they will ever make a comeback!

Hop House Flower pump clip

Hop House Flower 5%

An amber ale, with mega dry hopping. The mosaic and Cascade dry hopping in this beer leave no prisoners!


Dark Glitch 3.7%

Oct-Dec 2016

Pretty much a hopped-up, jumped-up little stout.


Black IPA 4.5%

This is our dark Anglo-American cascadian beer, deceptively easy drinking and light on the palate, subtly bittered with UK hops, then massively dry hopped with US hops to give a big aroma. Amazing on the nose, but not overly bitter.


CSH - Cascade Smash Hopburst 3.8%

A single malt and single hop (SMASH) session ale with late hop additions for low bitterness and plenty of flavour and aroma.


Bear Coast 4.5%

May-June 2017

US West Coast brown ale, clean & smooth bittering, with floral; citrus & tropical fruit flavours. Massive dry hopping for great aroma.


Dark Mild 4.1%

This is a dark Anglo-American mild, a little more hoppy than normal, but deceptively easy drinking and light on the palate, subtly bittered with UK hops.


Red RIght Hand Ale 4.6%

American style red ale with stone fruit and citrus flavours.


Directors Loan 5.5%

A medium red, strong ale with a modern twist.


Weisse Guy 5.0%

Naturally hazy golden traditional South German wheat beer, with banana, clove, vanilla and lemon aroma, mildly hopped to bring forward the break-like malt and crisp flavours.


North Star 5.5%

North Star is our winter special: a delicious warming dark ale. This beer reminds you why winter is so great.


Exmouth IPA 5.9%

A delicious fresh IPA with bags of flavour and hidden strength.


CAB Le Douff 4.7%

A mosaic hopped session IPA. Full of flavour and summer promise.


CAB Goa Gone 5.9%

A classic Azzaka hopped proper job IPA. Full of flavour and style, where a lot of IPA’s fail to deliver this one hits the mark.