Our full-flavoured Weisse Guy is a firm favourite with our customers and is one of our most superior beers. Banana with clove and vanilla delight the palette in only the way a great weisse beer can

Hoppy and tasty, this pale ale stands proudly next to other well-known brands and is often preferred. Golden yellow, zesty and undeniably refreshing, you'll find this beer sold widely across the Devon area as our vendors just love it.

A true Best Bitter, this fantastic ale is popular with drinkers who prefer a darker hew. High in flavour despite it's meer 4% ABV, this bitter was made to be enjoyed.

The ale for the drinker who appreciates the darker end of the spectrum. This rich, malty offering is a mourish tipple. Divine from first taste to last, Exe Porter is a satisfyingly rich beer.

Punchy and full of flavour, our American Pale Ale is magnificent. Enjoy the hoppy freshness that comes with every mouthful and the refreshing aftertaste that continues to tantalise the tastebuds. Available in bottle, keg and cask, this beer is highly revered by our customers and vendors.

This flavoursome session ale will surprise you with its low ABV. Bags of taste, certainly more than many in its class, this award-winning pale will have you coming back for more.


One of our limited edition 'red' beers. Sharp and crisp on flavour, this is a real quencher for a person who earned today's beer. Popular with bitter and pale drinkers alike, a real ale to bridge the preference gap.